– 10.October

El Bolson with a busride with landscape incredible to Bariloche. Took
a Taxi to Melipal for 140 ARS and met Tania again after 3 years. What
a surprise, she is mother of a cute 17 months old Paloma, running
around but not talking yet but so cute. Didnt leave the house and
went early to bed.

day really a late start as the house is really quiet and i could have
stayed all day long in bed, but I wanted to see s.th.. So I went by
bus to the skiing area cerro catedral. Unfortunately the highest
point was shut as the cable carril was closed, so I just went up to
diente del caballo. Not espectacular but nice and I could take some

Tania and Leo to the parilla where I was already 6 years ago ‘Boliche
del Alberto’ and we had really great food. Everything was good,
salad, fries, meat .. wow vale la pena. And the price was higher but

wakeup and hanging around in bed. Leo brought me to the bus terminal
to drop off the baggage and then to playa linda. There I stayed quite
some time and went then to the city to check the bars Leo had
mentioned. Konna was really good and shity that the baggage drop
closes at 10 pm so I had to leave earlier as my bus leaves at 11:15
;o(( but at least I could catchup with my BLOG.

waiting for the bus 21 o’clock

11.Oktober Cipoletti

the bus ride was not bad but arriving in cipoletti around 5:30 am was
a bit hard. At least I could charge my batteries in the cafeteria.
Nobody knew about a Jineteada in cipoletti, well, I guess I am a real
gaucho now ;o). at around 7 the cafeteria opened and I got my coffee
and medialuna. I couldn get rid of my backpack as there was no
luggage store in the terminal, what a shit! Suddenly somebody ticked
me from behind, it was Andrés who came back from Tucuman with his
students. Strange, 600km away from El Bolson and we met in a
busterminal with a great hello. I bought my ticket from cipoletti to
Azul because there is tomorrow a Jineteada.

knew that there is at 4 corners a Jineteada. So I took a cab to the
domo (the stadion) and yes there was one. The cab driver told me its
easy to pickup a taxi back to town. Nobody wanted to keep an eye on
my stuff as I had to carry all my belongings. Finally I found in the
beer stand someone who took it and now I enjoyed my time here. It was
a pretty big event with three palenkes (poles) where they tie the
horses prior to mount them. Quite some wild one. The place was much
bigger then the one in el bolson. It was the qualification for Jesus
Maria in january near cordoba, which is the national championship. I
got no meat as there was a long queue so I enjoyed a beer more
instead ;o). around 5:30 the jineteada was over and they played
chamame and other music to dance. I went to the road to pick up
easily a taxi, but there was none. So I tried hitch hiking. Well,
nobody, really nobody stopped for more then 90 minutes, and I was
afraid that I loose my bus to Azul. More or less in the last minute
one stopped and also brougth me directly to the terminal, just in
time. And the bus left.


bus did not stop at the terminal but directly on the highway to BSAS
so I took a remis to the terminal and there direct opposite side was
a hostal. Normally the quality is not so good – remember the Jodel
Class in corrientes – but for the price this was excellent – 220
ARG and breakfast inclusive. I took a breakfast with 2 croissants
(medialunas) and it costed 30 ARG so quite a deal. Then I took a cab
to the Domo and I got my De Ja Vú as the cabdriver told me its easy
to grab a taxi … well lets see.

place was a bit smaller but it liked it more and also I was allowed
to go to the grounds so I had a really good view on the event. Here
they also did a horserace around the barrels. Lunch break and I got
my second De Ja Vú: For the Asado there was no cutlery (like a year
ago in Villa Lia) so I did what I needed to do and bought me a knife.
This time a more cheaper one, went back and the guy asked me whether
I want 1kg of chorizo I said no its to much but I was ashamed to ask
for less then 500 g as a real gaucho its for breakfast this amount.
It came and I guess it was more than 500g rather 700g. So I started
to eat but I just could eat 1/3 so I gave it to an elderly couple
nearby and they happily accepted it. As it was warm I had not much
with me only my Müllabfuhr top, but as soon as the sun was gone it
became chilly. Well, the jineteada was over and they had now chamame
life music but as it was cold I just stayed 3 songs.

at the road: Easy pickup of a taxi .. hehehe …. there was none. So
I asked the policemen whether they could help. They could, one of
them called a remise which took about 15 minutes to arrive. In the
meantime the police left, the pickup of them had no working rear
lights and this applied also to one of the two motorcycles, so easy
going here or? ;o))

returned to the to the hotel dropped my stuff and took a remise to
the city center. It must be really rich in the 20ies as a lot of
belle epoque houses had been on the way but not good maintained. Made
a short sight seeing and then went for a wine (bottle ;o)..) to a
RestoBar. There I enjoyed the wine and returned then to the hotel.