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17.-25.Okt – The North West with the Chiquitita (Susan)

Reisetagebuch Posted on Fri, November 13, 2015 15:26:24

BSAS and up to Tucumán

late start but I had to be at the BaB at 11:30 so I left the house
and picked a remise, unfortunately the driver didnt know where this
place was, and I didnt remember completely. So we where searching and
I had the fear that we will be very late but we made it in time. The
couple Cecile (a french) and Adrian and I worked for an hour and then
we had to stop as Adrian had to work. Was very effective and very
good results.

return we ate a bit of the meat from yesterday had a beer infront of
his house and around 6pm Susan came to pic me up. We went with the
bus to the terminal in retiro and got on the bus to tucumán 16hrs,
wow. On the bus we had films and food and wine.


arrove 10:30 in Tucumán and went to the information desk to get an
afternoon excursion but there was none due to mothersday ok so we
went to the hostel La Gurda, checked in into a dorm (very very nice
hostel) and walked some blocks to a peña und heared live music for
an hour. Then we went to another one but there everything was already
over … well so back to the city booked sound and light show tickets
for 9 pm in the casa de independencia. Tucumán was where the
independenia was signed. We booked an excursion to Cafayate via Taffi
del Valle for the next day and then went to see the sound and light.
Well it was not like at the pyramides or in luxor, but quite nicely
done. Afterwards we watched a bit the milonga directly aside of the
casa and went to the hostel

Cafayate – Salta

picked us up from the hostel at 7.30 and we drove via Taffi del valle
to Cafayate. At the beginning it was all green like mountain djungle
and then suddenly became very arid as we passed the first peaks in
3000 m. We visited the small town of Taffi which is really nice but
not much to do. We had there great Empanadas. We continued and we
could decide between Quilmes and Museo Pachamama, so we did for
Pachamama. A really nicely done museum. After an hour we continued to
cafayate (btw we have now 35 degrees). Cafayate is a small city but
well known for the wineries here. Vino Blanco, the grape is called
Torrotes. But they have also Malbec and Cabernet. We had a lunch
where we shared the menue cazuela de cordero empanadas and icecream,
rico …. Sergio told us he would us bring directly to salta for 600
more each. We thought shortly and decided yes thats cool.

we went to Salta, we visited a winery where they offered a white and
a redwine. Quite good but I do not remember more. We passed quebrada
de la concha with incredible Rock Formations, then Alemania and
around 7pm we had been in Salta ‘La Linda’. I selected the hostel
from the lonely planet ‘Salta por Siempre’ and checked into a dorm
for 140 ARG. The hostel was nice. I got a messsage from Caro that
they are also in Salta, so we agreed to meet around 10pm at the

was a big hello and we sat together drank and made our plans. We
agreed that i rent a car and that they will join for one day and then
carry on through bolivia. So I checked for rentacar and had one for
700 ARG with 300 km per day. I asked the receptionist and she got me
one for 550, so I took that. It will be handed over at 2pm the next

MaaM, Yungas and Purmamarca

met with Edu and Caro in the town and went to the MaaM – Museo
andina alta Montaña or Similar, where they exhibit one of the
childs found on the vulcan. I knew that already but I liked to see it
again … foreigners 70 ARG locals 50 ARG.

car was handed over at the hotel and Caro and Edu came to the hotel.
We left around 3:30 and headed through the yungas to Purmamarca. The
yungas there are really nice and worthwile traveling slowlier than we
did. Then we went up direction Purmamarca and stopped in a small city
where Caro said there is a Galpón (stable). There the handmade
ponchos where around 850-900 ARG and I thought about to buy one, but
as my backpack is already really full I didnt.

arrove around 8pm at Purmamarca and we checked for hostels or hotels,
but everything was quite expensive. Susan and Edu went of and
negotiated a very good hotel price 500 for each doubleroom. We had
the rooms on the 2nd floor with a terasse and a direct
view to the 7 colors wow. Edu got a key and Caro, as they thought
blancos with blancos and marrones with marrones. So we enjoyed a
bottle of redwine with that view. Later we went to a restaurant with
live music and ate Lama. Hmm very hard so not my next choice anymore.
But the lama was nicely presented especially the one plate caro had

feixte all night long as I had a double with Susan about having sex
with her, well …..

– Purmamarca – Humahuaco – Villazon (Bolivia)

had a relatively late start with a brillant view to the 7 colours,
then breakfast with orange juice freshly made. We went to the market
and were surprised as the ponchos where even cheaper and nicely made
(450 ARG – 45 Euro normal and 30 blue Euro). Also there was a nice
knife for 1200. hmm need to check tomorrow, probably i will buy me a
poncho and a knife.

10:30 we made us on our way to Tilcara, Humamaca did a stop there to
see the San Franzisco leaving his hut … I guess it kitschig but
well a lot of tourists were waiting. After that Caro invited us to
Empanadas which were really great and fruit salat even better. We
went up to the statue and made photos of us aside of the giant
Cardones – Candelaber Cactus. Then carried on to the altiplano on
3400-3700m height and ended finally on the border to bolivia. We
crossed the border by feet and left the car in the parking nearby.

In Villazon there are a lot of Cambios and that was what I
was searching for. So I went to an ATM took out 6000 bolivianos and
changed it into USD so this problem is solved ;o). Edu and Caro
checked for a connection deeper into bolivia and finally we had a
goodbye beer together, actually 2 ;o) for every feet one, the middle
feet didnt count as we didnt have enough time.

started our return at 6 and had been in Purmamarca around 8:30 pm. A
long day and I was quite exhausted. We strolled a bit through the
pueblo and went into another restaurant for food, also with life

Salinas Grandes – San Antonio de los Cobres – Salta

shopping resulted in nothing. The guy with the knife was not there so
I could not negotiate to 1000ARG and I had no sense for carrying the
poncho all around but it was really nice ;o(. Grabbed my laundry and
we left Purmamarca. At the townborder I was stopped by the police and
thought they stopped me because I have honked the horn as a bus didnt
move and blocked the whole street, but no they were hitchhiking ;o)
but I was going to the wrong city.

had to pass a paso on 4000 m and the landscape was just incredible.
The salinas didnt touch me to much. I think that had to do with Uyuni
as Uyuni is much bigger. We than went on a gravel road 120km to San
antonio de los cobres with a landscape which was espectacular.

San Antonio there is the dog burried, not much to do, so we decided
not to stay there but just have a soup and continue direction Salta.
The road from San Antonio back to Salta is one of the highlight
landscapes here, wow wow wow.

were stopped again by the police because there was a teacher waiting
to be taken to Salta so we took her with us. Our plan was to stay the
night outside of salta to be able to go up to Cachi, but as Cachi had
been 160 km we decided different as it would have been a too long
drive as we had to drop the car at 2pm the next day.

returned around 9pm checked into our hostel. Susan wanted a double so
we used a double and not a dorm and went thereafter to the city to
have some empenadas and beer (beer at least for me ;o)).

Oktober Salta

breakfast we went to the quebrada of San Lorenzo. San Lorenzo is a
nice, clean town. There must live a lot of wealthy people according
to the houses. The quebrada is nothing very special but nice to walk
a bit. We returned to the city where I dropped of the car and Susan
wanted to by some sweets and her bus ticket for the next day.

I found a barber so I could finally get my shave. Did a good job for
150 ARG got my head and my face shaved ;o) I was so happy to get my
wool off.

night we went to the Casona de los Molinos to enjoy live music and we
stayed there from 9 to 3am and I was good conditioned ;o).

moring we went to town, she did a bit shopping and I checked also for
the bus to Tucumán and got a busticket on the same bus as Susan (290
ARS). We went to the ITAU museum and as we passed the museum I saw
that they do swan lake tonite, shoot and I have bought my busticket
already and the shop was closed for siesta. Well, I decided to try
then in teh busterminal whether I can change the ticket to sunday. We
had still some time so I went back to the shop where they sold knifes
and I liked two of them one with leather handle for 790 ARG and one
with horn handle and a nice ‘Scheide’ for 2000 ARG. If they would
have given me 20% I would have bought both but they offered me only
10% so I didnt by them.

the bus terminal I could change the ticket with a change fee so I
said good bye to Susan and went back to the hostel. The show was free
at 21 pm and the entrance was on first come first serve basis. So I
decided to be there aroun 7 pm and if there is noone i would have a
beer first. Well, there was one, a queue of around 100m, so I stayed
in line learning spanish vocab.

got a very good seat and it was the first time to see swanlake in
life and it was spectacular. I draw the correct decision loved it.
Had some wine in the hostal and then went to bed.

the day to leave ‘La Linda’. Easy morning, left the hostel at 12 and
at the terminal I saw a whatsapp of Caro telling they are in Salta
again because it was so shitty in bolivia. She sent an SMS on my
argentinian phone but I do not have it online all the time. What a
pity. They where yesterday again in the casona. Menno I could have
been there at least one hour and also stay a day longer ;o((

now I am on my way to Tucumán. Probably we meet in stgo del estero
or in corrientes.

13.-16.Okt – Tandil & BSAS

Reisetagebuch Posted on Fri, November 13, 2015 15:21:45

Tandil – 15.Oktober

wanted to take the first bus to tandil, but it was all fully booked
so I took the next one 14 And arrove 2 hrs later in tandil. I
wanted to go into a hotel suggested by lonely planet but the remise
driver suggested to go into another one so I took that (Roma) which
was good quality but also a bit more expensive (450 ARS). But it was
in a nice area. Dropped my stuff and asked around where I could
change blue dollars, but nobody know. So I decided to wait until
tomorrow and if I do not find someone I need to take money out of the
ATM. So I walked a bit the center and then went into a bar which was
suggested to me because of life music. But today there was none. The
people where really friendly so I stayed two beers and I start to
talk to the owners asking them whether they know somebody to change
money. They said no but they looked for somebody. And luckily there
came one. He was not an official changer so he asked me how I could
proove that the money is real. I couldnt tell him, well at least I
got 200 USD for 1:15 changed (in BSAS 1:16). I finished my beer and
returned to the hotel


morning I brought my laundry to wash and after that I wanted to have
lunch in this famous cheese restaurant, so I went there but it was
closed. So I checked the map and decided first to go to the calvario
and then doing part of the historic circuit. It was a nice walk and
as my lips got dry I took my first beer. Returned to the hostel
around 7, picked up my laundry and had a good talk with the owner. I
asked him for a good Parillada and he pointed me to a tenedor libre
(all you can eat) as he said he probably will make it around 9 pm I
went there. Normally I do not like the ALL YOU CAN EAT as the quality
is good but not very high. I waited until 9:15 but he didnt show up
so I ordered. As I assumed, the meat was good but not as good as it
is in an ‘a la carte’.

it started to rain and I had not my raincoat with me so I waited a
glass of wine more ;o) until it was not as heavy anymore. Walking to
the live music place as they said me it starts at 11pm. I reached the
place 10 minutes before 11 pm and it was closed. So I thought shit
but suddenly the owner came from inside and opened. Hmmm, life music
and no one inside, what kind of event will this be. I decided to
drink a beer and leave afterwards. But suddenly a guy came in with
guitar and 2 guests. He started to play quarter past and suddenly
more and more people came. It was an argentinan caraoke or jam
session, like it was in my early days in los gatos, california. So
the night turned out incredible. Very very good mood or buena onda. I
left at 2:30 am but the others kept on going – all above the 70ies.

Tandil → BSAS

bus to BSAS left around 1pm so I had time a bit to walk again through
the city looking for knifes, there where good shops but I couldnt
decide Also I went to the Museum of bellas artes. Probably I apply
with my pics for an exhibition next year.


arrove around 5pm in Retiro, took a cab to Alejandro. Had to send him
an SMS as his doorbell doesnt work. Suddenly he opened the door with
a welcome package in his hand, Redwine ;o)). With a very warm welcome
we went to his flat, high ceilings and Patina. This would be really
good for pics I thought. We had some more wine and alejandro
prepared some meat and potatos and tomato salad ;o). We went to the
Buquebus (no the other one) terminal as I wanted to go for a day to
Colonia in Uruguay to get dollars. But I could not by tickets today
and I should come tomorrow at 6:30 to by the ticket. No thats not for
me so I skipped this idea and we returned. To Alejandros place.

9pm we left the house and went to a Milonga in Cochabamba street. Wow
quite full and there was a tango class running. We sat in the
background and had a beer and some empanadas (incredible cheap in the
middle of SAN TELMO). We had another beer and then we left to a
typical Pulperia (gaucho restaurant with supermarket). There we had
another redwine and around 1 am we returned to the Milonga. Wow, full
full full and a lot of pretty chics. I need to learn tango. There we
stayed until 3 am and where quite done ;o).


and I was dead. Alejandro left to run and I just stayed a bit longer
in bed. On return we showered and we walked in direction La Boca
where we wanted to have lunch. We went to Boca a Boca as there a
friend of Alejandro – Rita works and lives nearby. We got a menu
for 80 pesos with very good quality and rita also participated. The
place is at night a Tango bar and I explained Rita I am desperately
looking for a tango couple to take pictures of. So she told me she
will ask around as she knows that a lot of tango dancers search for
photographers which take little or no money.

left for La Boca to have a short walk and a beer. We said good bye to
rita and returned home to buy meat and chinchilines to have on the
terasse of alejandro BBQ or Asado with some friends. But before we
went to the pulperia drank some wine and played table soccer and some
kind of old game with a frog where you need to through a chip into
the frogs mouth. We were already pretty tipsy but hat a lot of fun.
Bought meat and veggies and …. Wine what else ;o)). We prepared
everything and used his electrical stove. His friends came around 11
pm and we started to eat. The chinchulines were really great and this
was the first time he made them. We drank, ate, chatted and smoked
some weed.Really a cool evening. I received a sms from Rita that
there is a couple available at 11:30 until 12:30 to make the
shooting, woooowwwww.

08.-12.Okt. Bariloche & Jineteadas in Cipoletti & Azul

Reisetagebuch Posted on Fri, November 13, 2015 15:19:14

– 10.October

El Bolson with a busride with landscape incredible to Bariloche. Took
a Taxi to Melipal for 140 ARS and met Tania again after 3 years. What
a surprise, she is mother of a cute 17 months old Paloma, running
around but not talking yet but so cute. Didnt leave the house and
went early to bed.

day really a late start as the house is really quiet and i could have
stayed all day long in bed, but I wanted to see So I went by
bus to the skiing area cerro catedral. Unfortunately the highest
point was shut as the cable carril was closed, so I just went up to
diente del caballo. Not espectacular but nice and I could take some

Tania and Leo to the parilla where I was already 6 years ago ‘Boliche
del Alberto’ and we had really great food. Everything was good,
salad, fries, meat .. wow vale la pena. And the price was higher but

wakeup and hanging around in bed. Leo brought me to the bus terminal
to drop off the baggage and then to playa linda. There I stayed quite
some time and went then to the city to check the bars Leo had
mentioned. Konna was really good and shity that the baggage drop
closes at 10 pm so I had to leave earlier as my bus leaves at 11:15
;o(( but at least I could catchup with my BLOG.

waiting for the bus 21 o’clock

11.Oktober Cipoletti

the bus ride was not bad but arriving in cipoletti around 5:30 am was
a bit hard. At least I could charge my batteries in the cafeteria.
Nobody knew about a Jineteada in cipoletti, well, I guess I am a real
gaucho now ;o). at around 7 the cafeteria opened and I got my coffee
and medialuna. I couldn get rid of my backpack as there was no
luggage store in the terminal, what a shit! Suddenly somebody ticked
me from behind, it was Andrés who came back from Tucuman with his
students. Strange, 600km away from El Bolson and we met in a
busterminal with a great hello. I bought my ticket from cipoletti to
Azul because there is tomorrow a Jineteada.

knew that there is at 4 corners a Jineteada. So I took a cab to the
domo (the stadion) and yes there was one. The cab driver told me its
easy to pickup a taxi back to town. Nobody wanted to keep an eye on
my stuff as I had to carry all my belongings. Finally I found in the
beer stand someone who took it and now I enjoyed my time here. It was
a pretty big event with three palenkes (poles) where they tie the
horses prior to mount them. Quite some wild one. The place was much
bigger then the one in el bolson. It was the qualification for Jesus
Maria in january near cordoba, which is the national championship. I
got no meat as there was a long queue so I enjoyed a beer more
instead ;o). around 5:30 the jineteada was over and they played
chamame and other music to dance. I went to the road to pick up
easily a taxi, but there was none. So I tried hitch hiking. Well,
nobody, really nobody stopped for more then 90 minutes, and I was
afraid that I loose my bus to Azul. More or less in the last minute
one stopped and also brougth me directly to the terminal, just in
time. And the bus left.


bus did not stop at the terminal but directly on the highway to BSAS
so I took a remis to the terminal and there direct opposite side was
a hostal. Normally the quality is not so good – remember the Jodel
Class in corrientes – but for the price this was excellent – 220
ARG and breakfast inclusive. I took a breakfast with 2 croissants
(medialunas) and it costed 30 ARG so quite a deal. Then I took a cab
to the Domo and I got my De Ja Vú as the cabdriver told me its easy
to grab a taxi … well lets see.

place was a bit smaller but it liked it more and also I was allowed
to go to the grounds so I had a really good view on the event. Here
they also did a horserace around the barrels. Lunch break and I got
my second De Ja Vú: For the Asado there was no cutlery (like a year
ago in Villa Lia) so I did what I needed to do and bought me a knife.
This time a more cheaper one, went back and the guy asked me whether
I want 1kg of chorizo I said no its to much but I was ashamed to ask
for less then 500 g as a real gaucho its for breakfast this amount.
It came and I guess it was more than 500g rather 700g. So I started
to eat but I just could eat 1/3 so I gave it to an elderly couple
nearby and they happily accepted it. As it was warm I had not much
with me only my Müllabfuhr top, but as soon as the sun was gone it
became chilly. Well, the jineteada was over and they had now chamame
life music but as it was cold I just stayed 3 songs.

at the road: Easy pickup of a taxi .. hehehe …. there was none. So
I asked the policemen whether they could help. They could, one of
them called a remise which took about 15 minutes to arrive. In the
meantime the police left, the pickup of them had no working rear
lights and this applied also to one of the two motorcycles, so easy
going here or? ;o))

returned to the to the hotel dropped my stuff and took a remise to
the city center. It must be really rich in the 20ies as a lot of
belle epoque houses had been on the way but not good maintained. Made
a short sight seeing and then went for a wine (bottle ;o)..) to a
RestoBar. There I enjoyed the wine and returned then to the hotel.