21.September – Leaving Carocas

I guessed I had my problems leaving the Carocas so I was really late
in going to the bus on monday. Rosa went with me to the ticket
counter and bought the ticket from Rancagua to STGO and from STGO to
Viña del Mar. She gave a half an hour buffer so it seemed to be

the good bye felt hard, Gustavo and Nelson came with us – to ensure
that I am really leaving? ;o) I guess no! Kisses and handshakes and I
was off with the bus.

I guess there was lot of traffic and I needed to be there at 20:11 at
the connecting bus. We just arrove at 20:08 and I had to check where
the bus left as the track anounced on my ticket was empty. The bus
was already about to leave as I found it and luckily he stopped and I
could get on.

hours later I was in Viña. I tried to reach Juan – Johannes –
but it was really tricky to find out what I had to dial, and the shop
assistants did not really know, but finally I managed it. Juan
already was in the busstation waiting for me. He picked me up with a
warm welcome and we went to home of the Torres. Irma was already
waiting there and luckily they did not have to eat as I had still
enough food in my stomach from the Carocas. But Irma made as Dip
Guacamole and some chips, and a lot of beer ;o)). We went to bed late
around 2 am.

– Tuesday

and I had a very late start around 12. He made some breakfast and at
1 pm we went to Viña because I liked ot make my Tax stuff and the
Shares stuff already long ago pending. Luckily I could do everything
so a heavy load is off my shoulders. Also we went to buy an external
drive for my as my other one is still in El Calafate ;o(. 1 TB drive
was quite cheap here in Chile as there are not the taxes of
Argentina. In Argentina its now really expensive to buy things.

picked up Irma from her work and went to the supermarket to get some
bread, veggies and wine. Then we returned to the home and we started
to do a BBQ also Caro came to share. Strange the girls here are doing
the BBQ and not the men. Juan put a lot of meat on the BBQ and we
drank some beer and some (a lot of very good) red wine. After the BBQ
Irma had some Guinda (Sauerkirsch Likör) which was really good (2
years aged). It looked that Johannes had a real good buzz. We went
all to bed around 3 am .. hmfp .. party .. Well Juan still is on sick
leave because of his shoulder


Juan really had a hangover but as we had some time he could get over
it. Today I will visit Belén de la Aldea SOS together with Caro. As
Isabel (the SOS Mother) wrote me that it would be nice for her to
have a smart fone (cheap one) I checked it in the shops there. Well,
around 100 Euro, what the hack, I bought one. As we had been delayed
I wrote Isabel that we are coming 1 hour later.

Arriving in the
Aldea it was a big hello aaaannnnddd, they had been all waiting with
their lunch. So we shared lunch with all the kids and Isabel. There
we stayed around 4 hours and had a really good time with all of them.

picked us up with Irma and we dropped of Caro and returned to home.
This night not too long


went to Valparaiso to meet with Juans son for dinner. Prior we went
to laguna verde and to the prison ;o) .. We had a dinner in a
restaurant which is shared with a photography store doing also this
antique shots. And I wanted one but it seems that one needs
reservation. We had a really nice dinner and after that we went up
with a escalator to have a nice view over the bay.

went back to viña and tried to find the ‘Café con Piernas’
indicated by Caro. We found it but it seems to be a night club and
therefore was still closed ;o(( .. at least I saw before a
presentation of Cueca, a traditional Chilenean dance.

6 we went to pickup Irma, and went to Paulina and her husbands flat
in a 25 floor building with great views, but I think during an
earthquake I wouldnt like it too much. Well, PauTi said it was not
too bad (can I believe that?). We went up to the top floor an there
they have swimming pool and BBQ, so I guess I need to return in
summer ;o)). Around 8 we picked up Caro as I invited all of them for
supper. We had an impressive drive with lookouts over the bay along
the costanera until near KonKon. Unfortunately I forgot the name of
the restaurant, but we had really good seafood, hmmm riccccooooo.


to say goodbye. Finally ;o( .. Last day, so we took it easy went
again to Viña a bit and afterwards we are carretear in Quilpue
because Juan doesnt need to drive. We – Caro, Irma, Johannes and
myself – took a Remise and went to the ‘city center’ of Quilpue.
There we went to the Club Sibarita Quilpue to have some drinks and
something small to eat. There we met up with Paula, a colleague of
Irma. Had some drinks and very good time. As it seemed that the
visitors could place their thoughts in writing on the wall I finally
also did my writing:

estaba aqui
no habla español
las mujeres estan un poco loco
→ Irma,
Caro y Paula
voy ahora al Café de las Piernas (me equivoqué – Cafe con


had a lot of fun but finally the end neared. Paula drove us home and
with a big hug I said good bye to Caro and Paula.


and Johannes took me to the bus. At three I was in STGO .. taking a
taxi to the hostel, dropped my stuff and went to the Mercado Central
to have some seafood. There I had jardin de mariscos which was good
and a lot so I could not eat all (19.000 Pesos). Later I went to
search for some Cafe con Piernas but I did not find one, but I found
the theatre. And there there was some show which I bought a ticket
for (4000). Well, it was more or less like HP Kerkelings HUUUURZZZZ
.. I did not really understand it. Well, went to the hostal early for
getting some sleep as the taxi comes early