Puerto Natales – Puerto Montt

(a spanish doctor from Barcelona) and Pedro (the lawyer from
alicante) from the excursion where also on board. We had some nice
chats and stuck most of the time together. As the weather was no good
I stayed most of the time inside working with my Video to Brain
photoshop movies. Food was good, I helped Julio with his spanish and
took it easy (Humberto where are you, need your connection to San
Pablo for good weather).

now forward to meet Rosa for the Dia de la Patria buuuut, in the TV
there appeared on 17.September that 120km off Vina del Mar to the
north there was around 19:30 an earth quake with 8.4 on the Richter.
As we had no signal on board I do not have any idea neithere whether
Rosa and her family is well, nor whether Arturo and his family who is
located closer to the epicenter are well.

long on 17the in the tv they talked about the earthquake … so far 9


in Puerto Montt and it all seems ok with flights and in Rancagua. So
I tried to find in the morning an open Pub but due to the Dia de la
Patria nothing was open, so I decided to directly go to the airport,
hoping to find there a WIFI.

the airport only the WIFI in the VIP lounge was usable so I payed
around 16 Euros to get in and had there some wine and could work with
the Internet. Did chat with Rosa and there everything is fine. Took
my flight to Stgo. On time and took the connection to the Turbus
Terminal in Stgo and from there then the bus to Rancagua.

Rancagua Rosa picked me up and we went to their family. There I got
her room to stay and everybody joined for a dinner at the home of the
parents. Gustavo, Nancy, Esteban, Nelson, Rosa, Maria (the mother)
and briefly Jose (the father). Also uncle, aunt and a nevew wiht his
swedish girlfriend. We had a alot of fun and sat there until midnight
or so.

had an easy start breakfast with fruit, juice, ham and cheese. After
that Nelson and Rosa showed me around the city center with a lot of
history. Wow its already some days ago so I do not remember
everything. We went to the Media Luna (the arena where the rodeos
are) and I had my first Terremoto (white wine – sweet – with
Pinapple ice – even sweeter). I thought it is more folclore but it
was more or less like octoberfest in Munich

went up afterwards to the Copper Family and there some people
celebrated the dia de la patria on her car. Strange but somehow nice.

cenar again a lot of food .. hmpf … but ricoooo .. Maria is really
cooking well creo gain some kilos here. Again in the family circle.


day again a late start and we went up to a famous hotel near the
mines, together with a niece of Rosa (Ignacia, daughter of Esteban).
Had here easy time and behaved like kids ;o). Had a coffee or my
first Pisco Sour and returned to home, where Gustavo was a bit
disappointed as he did the BBQ and we had been late ;o((. Again food
food food .. (I guess I could fall in love with Rosa, but we are both
Alphas and I guess it would end in murder– :o((..)


again ;o) … we went to see Rosas Bauplatz and later we had a coffee
and tea in the mountains with some nice views. Like it very much, and
I guess I have a hard time to leave. At the evening we sat together
with the whole family and as we had been much earlier then the other
days the father joined as well and I could ask him about the history
of mining and other things. He knows a lot of things, but suddenly he
disappeared again. I guess he has his routine and doesnt like people
around so much at night.