– El Calafate – Puerto Natales

a remise for 25 ARS to the busterminal and left El Calafate w/o
eating Calafate, so most likely I dont come back again. In the bus
there was Katherine and Florian two germans I had met in the
excursion to Perito Moreno yesteray. Most of the time (6 hrs) I dozed
as the whether changed to bad. We came to the chilenean border and
had to get the luggage x-rayed (as in every chilenean frontier).
Around 3 pm we where in the new busterminal. I walked the 10 quartes
to the hostel but the hostel was still closed for the season, so I
asked the guy where to go. He sent me to the YaganHouse, they only
had a bunk bed left so I asked to use WiFi to check my BLOG for the
hostel where I was 4 years ago – Lili Patagonia. I found that its
at the next block so I just went there, but Lili was full for the day
but next day a single was available which I took as Yagan House was
full for the next day. So I slept in Yagan House which was relatively
expensive 12.000 for bunk but the bed was really good. I didnt leave
as I already ate around 4pm in the artsmarket cafe, a real, real,
real good Caldillo Marisco (Seefood soup). Went to bed early.

– Torres del Paine

reception girl told me yesterday that I have to be ready between 7:30
– 8:00 am. But the breakfeast girl told no thats the summer
schedule. Well so I had at least 30 Minutes more time. Breakfast was
good. But on 8:30 am still nobody showed up and the girl said the
minibus just had passed. She helped me and checked with the tour and
she told me they are still on their way??? So they picked my up
around 8:45. On the way we had a good sight of Condors just near the
street. It took a bit more then 2hrs to the park (120km) and just as
we arrove at the lookout the torres started to cover up so no sight,
and thereafter heavy winds with boes of 120 km. I met the germans on
the tour and we had some chat. We had exactly the same way as I had 6
years ago with Rosa and Arturo but not the same weather. We mad a
lunchbreak at the same place where I got the incredible pics of a
fox, but as it was raining I went to the restaurant for a soup and a
vino. There one guy – Pedro – of our group joined and we finished
a bottle together. After that I did not leave the bus more as it was
raining and I saw glacier grey already and also the Milodon cave.

agreed with the germans to meet to go together for supper. And as we
had a suggestion from the tourguide Jonathan which was Las Picas Del
Carlito we went there. Florian wanted cordero del palo which still
was on the BBQ but the waiter said no that is already reserverd ;o(,
so he took a parrilla, Katharine took s.th. De porber (with fried
egg) and I had again a fishshoup. Prior we had Kingcrab, for a
starter, which actually was a huge plate. Talking to the waiter I
said him I like very much Curanto and he said, they had yesterday,
shit. But, he said in the restaurant Raices del Chiloe they have. So
I will go tomorrow. We wanted to change for a beer but all the places
at the plaza de las armas have been closed, so we went to sleep.

– Waiting for the Navimag Ferry

going, stood up at 10, had my breakfast until 11:30 and then went for
the NAVIMAG checkin. Left my bag there as I had to be back at 8:30 pm
and went back for the center searching for a hairdresser as I wanted
to get a beardcut prior to meet Rosa and her Family – Plans are to
be changed, didnt plan to meet them for the Dia de la Patria at 18.
September, but a lot of people told that there it will be nice as it
is the heart of the chilean folclore and therefore I also searched
now for a travelagency, as the flights I found in the INET had been
quite expensive. I found an agency and got a flight for 180 Euros
roundtrip from Puerto Montt, not knowing whether I take the return as
I only bought it as it was 70 euros cheaper then the oneway so I have
around 9 days in stgo.

I got my beard cut and luckily again my head is firmly attached to
the body otherwise I would loose it as I forgot my glasses in the
hairdressers and at 4:30 it was closed, so I went to the nearby
artsmarket to have a bear and a soup, that was ultimatively too much
for my dinner but well. Around 6pm I picked up my glasses and went to
Raises del Chiloe, which still was closed but the guy let me in and I
got my Curanto, wow again mussles with a size of my hand, only it was
not as good as in Mechuque, Chiloe.

8:45 pm we had our emparquement, as we had been only about 20 people
we got an upgrade, where Pedro had now the best deal as he bought his
ticket for 3-way cabin for 300 dollar w/o window and I bought a 2-way
cabin for 350 but we ended both in a 2-way with window occupied by
one. Really great deal. I carried half a bottle of wine and 3 full
bottles of wine into the ship not to have to pay the expensive drinks
at board. On the third floor I suddenly felt some wetness at my leg
annnnd… the cork wasnt fixed correctly so my half bottle was
already empty, hope I dont get problems on board, but nobody said

got quite well along with Julio Assmann who spoke quite good german.
And he told us that after a fire caused by drunken youngsters which
burned their cabin 2 years ago they dont allow alcohol on board and
there is no bar at all. So I asked him whethere we still go offboard
and he told yes until tomorrow 9 am and he said that some of them go
to a bar in P.N. So I joined them. There I got more or less the half
of the team to know: Michael, Osvaldo and some others. We returned
around 2 am.