– El Chalten – El Calafate

took the 8 am bus to El Calafate and it was a marvelous day. The view
onto Fitz Roy and Cerro Torres was great and luckily this time the
busdriver did stop briefly to allow us to take some pics. I need to
rent a car tomorrow to get back to the Lago Viedma, and even to
Estancia Helsingfors as the guys told me that from there the views
are incredible. Checked in again to I Keu Ken and talked to Marcelo
about the asado tonite and we agreed to do it around 9 pm. So I left
a bit for the city to see the flamengos and probably take a dring in
the IceBar in the Museo de los Glaciares.

the Laguna for the flamingos it was a walk around 1,5 km and nice,
but the laguna was quite empty so I decided to take a beer on the
terrasse at the nearby restaurant as it was a really nice day. Had
again Guiso Patagonica and a beer. At the neighbour table a guy
started to talk to me (dont remember the name, need to look it up in
FB). He is working for the Navy Forces argentina and told me that
today there two Mirages say their goodbye to the argentinian people
at 5 pm (well I told him if that is 5 pm argenitinian time it will be
sufficient time to do both, and we lauged) as they are to be taken
out of service. So I guess they will fly really low, so I told him I
dont think I can make it to the Glacier Bar and back in time. He said
he will take me to the bar (11km outside of town) and so we went ;o),
he had to return to do s.th. Urgently, but the girl (not his
girlfriend) told me she was working for the Museo and got me more
then a half the price entry (80 ARS instead of 200 ARS) and said she
will return to pick me up. Wow how friendly.

went to the icebar (I was already in one, I think it was in Iceland),
and I thought I probably can make 2 cocktails in the 20 minutes which
we stay, but I came along quite good with the barkeeper and I made 5
;o) … again a nice experience and with 8 Euro it was a great deal
so I gave the barkeeper 50 ARS as tip. Outside already Nati the girl
from Cafayate wated and took me to the place where the event will
happen. I think if I had walked I would have been faster. She told me
she didnt drive much so far and so far never outside the town ;o)).
Nati showed me the house of Presidenta Kirchner and then we went down
near the laguna, I left the car around 4:25 and said to myself there
is plenty of time still then I looked up by chance and there was
already the first. Hmpf, 4:30, they must been english. I just not had
time to prepare the cam so I got no shot really in focus ;o((. But
anyway it was an experience.

to check for some options:

a car to go to Helsinfors – but no rental car availability in all
the city. And a Remise would have costed 2000 ARS = 200 Euro. Shit
as it is supposed to be very nice tomorrow

to Torres del Paine and transport de Paine to Natales would have
costed 2200 ARS and this was NOOP (found later it costed in total
450 ARS from El Calafate to Natales and 30.000 Chilean Pesos to the
Parq which was only a third so I decided good

the bookstore bar and had some beers and returned to the hostel
around 8:30 pm and marcelo told me there is no asado as he was
waiting for me. Hmmm we got both somekind of anoyed (probably
therefore I didnt find him anymore in FB). Well around 9pm Alejandro.
Told him there is no car and there is no asado, he took it easy and
said, well then lets go to by wine and salat and stay in the hostal
and by sufficient (3 bottles, chees and salami) for tomorrow to take
it easy at the perito moreno. So we did and had a good time together
in the hostel.

– El Calafate – Perito Moreno Glaciar

and myself took it easy and nearly missed the bus as we both thought
the other guy had the salami and the cheese when we went down to the
busterminal. Alejandro turned running for the hostel and I gook his
small but valuable backpack (wine) to the terminal. We reached the
termina around 5 minutes before the bus left. And we had again luck,
as we didnt book seats and there had been only 2 seats left ;o)). To
the lookout its about 80 km and it took a bit more then 90 mins.

the glacier we went to most of the lookouts and the first lookout
where we took more time was the closest the northface. The weather
was not that good and some could winds came up, but luckily the
lookout was most times w/o much wind. That was the time to open the
first bottle (11am). We enjoyed the sight and the sound of the
glacier. We had been joined by a french young guy who sticked with
us. So after around 90 minutes we went on as some chinese came and
where somehow disturbing. As we went on through non sighting walkway
there was a loud noise and I just saw the last piece falling and it
was huge, shit shit shit I said we waited and the chinese got it. We
all laughed so much.

next viewpoint was more or less central and as we had the second
bottle already open we drank a bit more and enjoyed the sight. The
last viewpoint was on the southface of the glacier and there we
stayed the rest of the time. We had a lot of fun and we where taking
a lots of selfies with everybody passing by. The funniest was later
in the central lookout with the ranger, on all the pics he looked
identical as if he was a statue.

4pm we went back to the bus and reached El Calafate shortly before
6pm and went for 2 beers to the bookstore. In the hostel we found out
that there a lot of people wanted to participate in the asado and
more then we had expected. So we went to buy additional meat, salat
and wine. I didnt feel so well in this loud flock and also I still
felt my stomach full, therefore I didnt participate in the asado, The
guys had a lot of fun according to the noise.